About Us

Our goal is to provide you with solutions that have a positive impact on your life

As a founder, I was inspired by the benefits of positive wellbeing on ones life. It all started at my first job where my colleague was responsible to ensure all staff were educated about ergonomics and posture at the workplace. This included providing the staff with relevant equipment and accessories with which they could fulfil an ergonomic posture. The importance and emphasis on improvement of daily posture has been instilled within myself and to this date I ensure my peers are able to follow this. Taking this forward, I would like to further enable people to live a healthy lifestyle and promote wellbeing.

Our Company

Founded in 2020

Born in London

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As an office worker, you could spend more than a third of your day behind a desk. Throughout your lifetime, this represents a significant proportion. For this reason, we believe you should invest in your workspace, whether it be at home or the office. We have started off by working on an affordable solution to a height adjustable desk to enable you to sit / stand / stretch while you work.

Our Team

We are currently a team of one

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Ankit Patel


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