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Standing Mat Specifications

Standing Mat Specifications:

ERGONOMIC standing mat for your workplace to help REDUCE FATIGUE when standing for long periods.

Suitable for HOMES OR OFFICES (e.g. adjacent to standing desks, counters or platforms).

Dimensions (100 x 50 x 1.9 cm / 39 x 20 x 0.75 inch). The mat can also be EASILY MOVED AND STORED by the user.

To avoid slips, the mat is built with an ANTI-SLIP surface on the underside.

DURABLE design and EASY TO CLEAN with a wet cloth.

Engineered for active standing.

Our main reasons for introducing our Standing Mat:

  1. Reduce discomfort from prolonged standing. Prolonged standing on hard surfaces is also shown to be linked to serious discomfort in the feet, legs, back, neck and shoulders.
  2. Prevent slips and trips
  3. Provides insulation from cold floors
  4. Increase productivity from greater comfort leading to improved concentration
  5. Added comfort
  6. Promote a standing working environment

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Moreover, a study was carried out by Loughborough University confirms the benefits of anti-fatigue mats.

Some benefits of using a standing mat can be found here.

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